Notes on the Grippe

Being an accounting of the recent and continuing pandemic and its various circumstances, from the perspective of an inhabitant of the regions lately called the Lost Quarter. Dates unknown.

Day Seven Hundred Nine

The crisis in the Dominion capital has seemingly resolved, an emergency declared and then undeclared, the protesters arrested or gone home. There is still much shouting happening in the public square, particularly among the politicians and the media, about whether the government’s actions were necessary, and the consequences for those involved will be a long time in unfurling, but it seems the moment has passed. Governments across the land are reducing their quarantine strictures – in these parts the majority will be removed at the end of the month – so I will be curious to see if the protests that take place in so many cities like ours will continue. I suspect they will, though their ostensible rationale is now absent, but people are angry and want someone to shout at.

We are lurching from one crisis to another without waiting for the others to resolve. Russia has now invaded Ukraine. I hardly know what to say. We stand upon the precipice of something far more dangerous and can only hope we don’t fall into the mire. The edifice of the old world order is slowly crumbling and there are many now jockeying to define what they think the new one will be. Meanwhile all of us must live in fear of what is to come, the things we thought we knew no longer holding true.

There are many among Those Who Came to these parts who are from Ukraine. I can only imagine what they are feeling these days as friends and family now face a terrible, unimaginable future. The Greater Dominions and our allies across the world are all making grand declarations of support for Ukraine, denouncing the actions of Russian leadership as war crimes. Words will not be enough though. We must ensure some kind of price is paid or every despot with designs will decide they can visit destruction upon their neighbours.

As always we have taken our peaceful bounty for granted and now we see how fragile it always was. It has been one thing after another these last two years, a slow and steady dread from which there is never any relief. I hardly know what to make of it anymore, just that I am tired. 

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