Notes on the Grippe

Being an accounting of the recent and continuing pandemic and its various circumstances, from the perspective of an inhabitant of the regions lately called the Lost Quarter. Dates unknown.

Day Three Hundred Fifty Six

The weather continues to be glorious, the sun warm and the snow melting away. Already the surrounding streets are nearly bare, the snow only clinging to the south side where the buildings block the sun from melting it. There seem to be more birds about in the trees, or at least they are louder in their chatter, and the ice has broken up along river, leaving it open and flowing free. If ever there was a year we needed an early spring this is it and so I can only hope it continues.

The news has been good on other fronts as well. More inoculations approved – we are up to four in these parts – and the earlier delays are past us. The inoculation programs are picking up; my parents will be able to get theirs sometime this month in all likelihood. My love and I will have to wait, but not for long it seems. In the Western Dominions they are hoping to give everyone their first dose by the end of June. The second will be delayed, which has caused some consternation, because we are not following the prescribed protocol, but I think it only makes sense. Better all of us carrying a small risk, but still having good protection, than a few having total protection and the majority defenceless.

The promise of a summer that is approaching normal, where we can gather and celebrate and return to our daily lives makes my heart sing. There has been so much bad news, and it was so relentless for so long that many still look for reasons to doubt. They speak of the new guises the grippe reborn has taken and what they portend for the loosening of the quarantine protocols and our other defences, including the inoculations. We have gotten used to our despair and no longer want to let it go. There is a comfort in hopelessness and pessimism. Your hopes cannot be dashed, your spirit defeated, if you don’t allow yourself any.

But we must find our way back to hope as spring approaches. The miracle of the inoculations – four developed in one year – has been met with questions and cautions and not the celebration it should have warranted. The defeat of the dread lord is imminent, even if he will never be entirely vanquished, but people still persist in finding reasons all our efforts might fail. Certainly there may be setbacks, just as there is certain to be more snow and cold to come this year, but while winter might linger it cannot stay. Spring will come eventually. If enough of us receive our inoculations the dread lord will have no means to reach us, no way to add followers to his forces of darkness.

That darkness has been unrelenting, but there is light now upon the horizon and day by day it is growing.

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