Notes on the Grippe

Being an accounting of the recent and continuing pandemic and its various circumstances, from the perspective of an inhabitant of the regions lately called the Lost Quarter. Dates unknown.

Day Two Hundred Seventy Three

Our world has shrunk again with the arrival of the latest round of severe quarantine restrictions. With my love returning to work at home we no longer even have our shared walk to her tower in downtown before the sun rises. Yesterday we did not leave the house at all, both of us busy with our work. Across the street I can see others now returned to their homes during the day, light in windows that once were dark.  

We shall see what the next weeks bring as the holidays arrive and people are tempted to venture out more with everyone off work and longing to gather with family and friends. My family has already determined that we will be postponing Christmas until it is safe to gather. We are not observant in any way – Christmas is just an excuse to get together – so it is no great hardship if we have to delay that by a few weeks or longer. We know that eventually we will see each other again, particularly if we observe the quarantine protocols.

I know the holidays are growing near because I am getting restless in my correspondences, easily distracted by anything I see out my office window. There is magic there everyday, even just in the shifting of light and cloud in the sky. Whatever is there is of more interest than what I might find on my various screens.

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