In A Flash

Every Thursday, a new story, published at Circumambient Scenery. From horror to westerns to far-flung space opera and all points in between.

A door that has never been opened. What lies behind it? An inquisitor sets out on a journey to find a monster. Two radicals on the run for their lives come to the end of the line in an olive grove at the end of a long night. A living ship comes to give birth on the edges of space.

In A Flash is a new series where a new short story will be published every week for a year, starting January 2016. The stories will be short, 1500 words or less, and unique. None of them will be part of an existing universe or an overarching story. At the end of the year the collected stories will be published in a volume.

The stories published in the last two months are a teaser of what is to come beginning in January. Stay tuned every Thursday for more.

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