The Forgotten





Who is David Aeida? And what does he know that has so many people pursuing him?

David doesn’t know. He can’t remember anything about who he is. But he finds himself ensnared in a vicious conflict between a religious cult called the Church of Regents and a guild, the Society of Travelers, that patrols the crossings between multiple universes. The Church has as its sacred mission to find the one true universe, of which all others are but reflections. A mission, they believe, that will save humanity. The Society outlaws anyone from crossing among the universes, claiming that doing so disrupts and destroys untold lives.

Both will stop at nothing to gain whatever knowledge he possesses. But, most dangerous of all, is the implacable hunter, known only as the Seeker, who has his own reasons for wanting to find David.

His only hope is to recover his memories before they do. His only ally is a woman named Meredith, a member of that strange faith, and she definitely knows more than she is telling…

The Forgotten,the first volume of the Sojourners Cycle, tells the story of David Aeida’s desperate search for himself in the midst of a battle over the fate of all the universes and humanity itself.



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