The Apostate




Born out of the chaos that followed the arrival of the Society of Travelers in its universe, the Church of Regents has as its sacred mission to find the one true universe, of which all others are but reflections. Opposing it stands the Society of Travelers. Claiming to protect all the universes, they outlaw anyone from crossing among them—anyone but themselves—and they will do anything in their power to stop the Church from following its mission.

Laila Johar has been at the center of that conflict for years, divided in her loyalties. Once one of the chosen of the Church’s founder De Gofroy, and a rising star in the faith, she now has only one goal: to have her revenge upon Dejian Molijc, Grand Regent of the Church of Regents, and her husband, for the fate he has condemned her to.

First, though, she needs to find her way home across the universes. That is easier said than done. The Grand Regent’s agents in the Watchers’ Order are still pursuing her. As is the Society of Travelers.

Laila has a plan, though, and a few tricks of her own. But she will soon discover that not everything is at seems and there is no one left, in any universe, she can trust.

The Apostate, the stunning sequel to The Forgotten, tells the story of Laila Johar’s rise and fall in the Church and her journey, across multiple universes and against incredible odds, to make the man she once loved answer for what he has done.


Ebook: $4.99
Paperback: $12.99
ISBN: 978-1-928035-20-6