The Sojourners Cycle



David Aeida, sub-Regent of the Church of Regents, can’t remember anything about who he is. But he finds himself in the middle of a vicious conflict between the Church and the Society of Travelers, a guild that patrols the crossings in the multiverse. Both will stop at nothing to gain whatever knowledge he possesses. Most dangerous of all, is the implacable hunter, known only as the Seeker, who has his own reasons for wanting to find him.

Born from the chaos that followed the arrival of the Society of Travelers in its universe, the Church of Regents has as its sacred mission to find the one true universe, of which all others are reflections. But the Society has outlawed anyone from crossing the universes, and will do anything in its power to stop the Church from following its mission.

Laila Johar has been at the center of that conflict for years, divided in her loyalties. One of the chosen of the Church’s founder, and wife of the current Grand Regent, she also might be working with the Society of Travelers to destroy the faith. For betrayal and lies are at the heart of both the Church and the Society, forever locking them in a dance of desire and guilt, love and revenge, with consequences for all the universes.