Unspeakable Rites




A dead man of no family or account is what Gahryll, Chief Magister of Tson, sees when the corpse of an Enir youth is brought to the Magisterium. But his colleague Mihuibel sees something else: a conspiracy involving false adepts practicing an outlawed form of alkemya.

Against his better instincts Gahryll authorizes an investigation that draws both Magisters into the seamy underbelly of Tson where the rich and powerful prey upon the desperate and outcast. When the inquiry implicates one of the most important families in the Realm of Craitol in forbidden practices and false alkemya, their own positions and ranks will be threatened.

But that is only the beginning. For the killer will stop at nothing to ensure his secrets remain hidden and Gahryll will be brought face to face with the unspeakable power of alkemya that has been unleashed. It forces him to make a choice. Will he risk everything to fight for justice in a realm where rank and wealth are all that matter?

Set in the same universe as The Shadow Men, Unspeakable Rites, is both a compelling mystery and an evocative look at what happens to those who choose to fight for justice in an unjust world.


Ebook: $3.99
Paperback: $10.99
ISBN: 978-1-928035-32-9