The Untamed Lands



Mejk the Unharnessed is a spirit walker, who can traverse the lands of the dead and bind the souls there. Chosen by his people to restore them to greatness, he will take any risk to claim the spirits in the Untamed Lands.

Harni the Cleaved travels with Mejk, his guide and protector. She will stay at his side, no matter how arrogant he might be, for her people have chosen her as well. More than Mejk, she understands just how unforgiving the Untamed Lands are.

Neither of them is prepared for what they will face when they come across an ancient skull. Mejk will find himself facing a greater power than he knew existed, while Harni tries to defend them against impossible odds.

Mejk and Harni will be pushed beyond their limits in a desperate struggle to save their people and themselves. For in the Untamed Lands the living and the dead offer no quarter.


Ebook: $2.99
ISBN: 978-1-928035-42-8