The Maleficio Chronicles



Luisa is more than she appears. Rumor and mystery surround her. And strange events seem to follow wherever she goes. The Maleficio Chronicles is her ‘true’ confession, though her truth, as with so many things, is never quite what it seems.

Born in Lima, City of Kings, in the 16th century to a noble family, Luisa is marked as different from the beginning. Servants avoid her, whispering behind her back, while her father so fears her true nature that he banishes her to a convent. There she falls under the suspicion of the Inquisition and decides to flee.

Disguised as a man, she embarks on a series of adventures, dueling, carousing, and gambling her way across colonial Peru. But everything changes when a stranger recognizes her for what she truly is, and soon she finds herself fighting for her very survival.

In a world where she will always stand apart, Luisa undergoes a strange journey that will take her from from the stolen splendor of Lima to the fading remnants of the Incan Empire, and to all the towns and villages being built in its place. The Maleficio Chronicles is about the stories we tell about ourselves, the lives we construct from those stories, and the price of the lies at the heart of them.


Ebook: $4.99
Paperback: $12.99
ISBN: 978-1-928035-02-2