Nothing Was Delivered



Davis is a gun for hire, brought to Mexico City to do a job for La Familia, one of Mexico’s most brutal and powerful cartels. All is not as it seems though. His handler, Aguilar, is also working for a member of Mexico’s elite, a man of absolute wealth of power, who has his own plans for Davis.

Ines Suárez , a journalist with a source in the prosecutor’s office, has caught a whiff of what might be the biggest story of her career, if it doesn’t get her killed first. The federal police are about to move against the leaders of La Familia.

They are doing so under the orders of Gil Robledo, the prosecutor overseeing the case. He has cut a deal with a rival cartel that may not be as secret as he thinks, for a trap has been set and his vanity will lead him straight into it.

Connecting them all is Marina, a mysterious woman, driven to stop Davis from completing his job and setting in action a chain of events no one will be able to control. But when Davis is hired to do a job, nothing and no one can stop him.

Here is a thrilling novel that will plunge you into labyrinths of intrigue, taking you from a violent underworld to one where wealth and privilege reign supreme, and showing you the people who navigate the treacherous streets that connect them.